A session at Anganwadi School in Sampangiram Nagar

Community Integration Programme- 2 @ Chrysalis High, Bannerghatta Road

The second session of 'Community Integration Programme' was held on 07th July 2018 at the Anganwadi school in Sampangiram Nagar. This initiative by our Founder and Director, Mr. Sawal Das Jethani is truly exhilarating. Our enthusiastic Pre-Primary teachers left the campus at 12:00 pm to fulfill the vision of being an avid member in serving the community in our neighbourhood. It was truly a joyful session to interact with these innocent minds and to share the knowledge as well. Serving these young minds and providing a productive education will definitely help the children to embark on a journey of self-realization and boost their self confidence in the upcoming years. Have a glimpse of these moments!

"Teaching is more than imparting knowledge; it is Inspiring Change" - William Arthur Ward.

Awareness Program on Road Safety at Chrysalis High, Varthur

The children of Grade 1, at Chrysalis High, Varthur, were privileged to attend a session on Community Helpers. It was arranged as a reinforcement of the same topic in the curriculum.

Ms. Manju Mehra, an experienced Traffic Police officer, addressed the students in two batches between 9:50 am and 11:00am. The Coordinator welcomed the gathering. Our Headmistress, Ms. Divya Tewari, honoured the guest speaker. Ms. Manju Mehra spoke about her experiences, highlighting the educational requirements and special training, involved her duties and responsibilities.

She spoke about the importance of following the safety rules on the road and advantages as well as disadvantages of the profession. There was an informative power point presentation shown to the children that highlighted the different aspects of the profession of a police officer. Ms Mehra also insisted that, in case of an emergency, we need to dial 100. However, she informed the students to be careful about it and not to misuse the privilege!

Her speech had a touch of humour that added charm to the session. The children enjoyed the session, coming to know much about a police officer from herself.

The session concluded with question time for the kids and a vote of thanks. There were learning and joy that edged the day’s event for all our children.

Potting around with clay at Chrysalis High, Yelahanka

Playing with clay has tangible benefits for children. Realizing the role of pottery in a child’s sensory development, Chrysalis High, Yelahanka organized a pottery activity for Jr. KG and Sr. KG children.

A pot painting competition was conducted for Children of Jr. KG and Sr.KG on 11/7/2017 and 12/7/2017 respectively. The young artists were all set to decorate and beautify their pots using vibrant colours, sequins and many more decorative articles. We were amazed to see kids focused and involved in transforming their pots into wonderful works of art. The children enjoyed the activity and took pride in their creativity.

Visit to the fire station to gain knowledge about firefighting

STOP……DROP…..ROLL…… firemen are on the go….!

The students of Senior KG visited the fire station on 11th October 2017, to gain knowledge about the firefighters. Prior to the trip, all the children were brainstormed by the teachers, what they believe they will see. The students were ecstatic when they saw the fire truck and the motorbike used by the firemen. Perhaps the most remarkable part of the field trip was when the firefighter got in the rescue gear with their clothes, boots, helmet, gloves, goggles and hood. They demonstrated the act of extinguishing the fire with their equipment during an emergency. The firefighters answered the various curious questions asked by the students. They got hands on experience in fire safety. The emergency number was notified by the firefighters, in case there is a fire. The trip proved to be an exciting and informative experience for the students.

Visit to ‘Nanda Gokula Ashram’ in Varthur

Each one of us is bestowed with the opportunity to live in a community and be valued for our uniqueness and abilities. It will be unused if not channelized to benefit the underprivileged sections of the society and to work towards the betterment of the environment. Empathy towards, and acceptance of, such challenged individuals must be imbued at a tender age to create an empowered, enabled and self-reliant community. In an effort to acquaint our children to Community Integration Programme, we planned various activities for different grades at the close of our academic year. To culminate our celebration of ‘Joy of Giving’ during the month of March, the first and second graders were given a chance to visit ‘Nanda Gokula Ashram’ in Varthur on 27th and 28th March 2017, respectively.

It is an orphanage that provides food, shelter and education to the underprivileged children from Meghalaya. We had to travel on bumpy roads for quite a distance; it was a subtle reminder of the road most likely travelled by those special residents. They were very glad to receive us. The ambience was serene. Our children entertained them with dance performances. In reciprocation, a few kids from the ashram chanted shlokas and sang soul-stirring bhajans on Lord Krishna. According to the words, ‘Instead of giving someone a fish for a day, teach him to fish……. he will eat for his lifetime’, we planned to involve a skill-oriented activity. Our children befriended a group of kids and our teachers showed them how to make paper bags. The children enjoyed the paper bag making activity. The group activity with the ashram kids worked as a catalyst in helping the children bond with each other.

We bid goodbye and left with the satisfaction of bringing smiles to their faces. The children had fun and brought back fond memories. On 28th March 2017, the first graders were involved in the gardening activity. The little green fingers were helped, with pits that were already dug, to plant flowering shrubs. The children were enthusiastic to plant the seedlings in the pits, cover them with the sand mixture and water them. They were filled with a sense of accomplishment of having done their bit towards a green environment. The students of Grades 3 and 4 paid a visit to an orphanage, Swanthana in Mullur, Bangalore, as part of the programme. Swanthana is home to nearly 49 mentally and physically challenged orphan girls. Our young students were extremely happy to spend a few hours with those children.

The girls at Swanthana were given handmade gifts and treated with a lunch. It was an overwhelming experience for the children of Chrysalis High, Varthur. For the Middle School students, a community service trip was organized by the school on 27th March 2017, to Abhayadhamma Human Development Centre. The students happily contributed clothes, toys and other items of their choice for the needy children. Our students took it a step forward and made beautiful photo frames, wall hangings and other artifacts and enjoyed the joy of sharing and giving. They were taken to Holy Cross School where Abhayadhamma Day was celebrated. Our students organized a cultural show comprising dance, song and a few humorous skits, to entertain everyone. The children of Abhayadhamma too performed a dance on the latest peppy songs and mesmerized everyone with their talents. The activity ended with ‘Thank you’ notes exchanged between the Chrysalites and the inmates of Abaydhamma. On 27th March, Chrysalis High School, Varthur, had taken the students of grades 7, 8, 9 and 11 on a field trip to Voice of Stray Dogs (VOSD), Doddabalapur. VOSD is one of the world’s largest shelter for dogs. It is home to more than 750 abandoned or injured dogs from all over the country. The day began with a talk from the owner of VOSD followed by a tour around the shelter and play time with the dogs. The students and teachers donated suitable items for the dogs like dog food, leash, bowl etc. The various activities gave the insight to live with humility and simplicity. The academic year for our children ended on a note of great learning!

Day out activity for the Nursery Children of Chrysalis High School, Horamavu

7th October 2016 was a day out for the Nursery children of Chrysalis High School, Horamavu to explore the groceries at Family Central market. The children were shown how the food items were categorised and kept in different racks. Teachers also spoke about the nutritional value of different vegetables and fruits. The children got to know the importance of using paper bags to carry home their groceries instead of using plastic bags. 

This way, students could get a better understanding of the subject as well as its application to their own life and community.

Visit to the Primary Government School, Varthur

Community Integration Programme: Visit to Primary Government School, Varthur

On Saturday, 10th September 2016, students of grade 9, 10 & 11 visited Primary Government School, Varthur as a part of their initiative on Community Integration Programmes. Students divided into groups and went around the school, to identify major issues, from three broad categories: Waste, Water and Sanitation.

The students showed incredible sincerity and hard work in their endeavour to assist the fellow schoolmates, at the Government School. They discovered important issues by conducting paper investigations, always careful not to disrupt the daily routine of the school. A group from Grade 10, fixed the valve of a water tank, while Grade 11 group, temporarily reduced the water leakage from a bore well.

Overall, the experience was enriching and enlightening for our students and what added an edge to their experience was the respect and appreciation heaped, by the authority of the Primary Government School.

Nursery Children of Chrysalis High, Yelahanka New Town visiting the Post Office

Tring Tring… letters, letters…Here comes the postman with letters in his bag.

Some for you and some for me!! Oh! How happy I am to receive letters from my loved ones.

Field trips expand children’s learning through practical experience with the rich resources of the local community. They provide knowledge to the children.

As part of our curriculum, our little Chrysalites of Nursery, Yelahanka visited the Post Office on 2nd August 2016. Kids learnt about the community helper “Postman”, who delivers letters and they were there in the post office all excited to see and talk to the Postman.

Kids got to see sorting of letters, parcels, speed post, envelopes and also the post box where the letters are posted. They got to see different sections of the post office. It was a hands on experience for the children to see how a post office works and how the postman goes about delivering the letters.

The trip came to an end by thanking the post office employees by giving them a “Thank You” card.

TOYLAND FAIR hosted by students of Grades II, III and IV at Chrysalis High, Whitefield - Kadugodi Road

It was a crisp Saturday morning on the 21st Feb 2015. The air was crackling with excitement, for the TOYLAND FAIR hosted by students of Grades II, III and IV as part of Community Integration Programme for Grade I. 

This fair, being a part of the curriculum for Grade I, several games from the book Noddy goes to Fair were put up. They were the Coconut shy, Skittles, Formula-1, Tattoo stall, Game of Aim, Puppet show, Round-about.

Hot crunchy popcorn, Candyfloss and Lemonade had the children slurping for more.

The strong white mare trotted around the school regaling children, giving them the experience to care for a beautiful beast.

The fair saw its 'fair' share of Mathematicians and Entrepreneurs. Every child went home with a JOYFUL heart!

A Field Trip to the Fire Station

A field trip was arranged for the Grade 1 and 2 to visit places in their neighbourhood.

The firefighters are a symbol of courage and valour. These community helpers put their lives in danger every day to protect us. Children got the opportunity to meet these helpers who happily received them and showed the fire engine and different kinds of hosepipes to extinguish the fire. The experience of seeing these people function was enriching. Children thanked them and were then taken to a community park. Parks and recreation facilities are the places that people go to get healthy and fit. They reflect the quality of life of the society. The importance of keeping these places neat and clean was reiterated. Children were also shown banks, hospitals, library, post office, supermarket, vegetable market etc. It was a fun filled and an enriching learning experience for the Grade 1 & 2 kids.

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