To enable each teacher to understand every child in her class.

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  • STEM


    Coding, Programming & Robotics. The future is here!

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    Helping children excel in Sports & Performing Arts.

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    A program designed to identify & fill gaps in each teacher’s development process.

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  • Transition Blocks

    Transition Blocks

    To help children prepare themselves to meet challenges in the next phase of their academic life.

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  • Support Program

    Support Program

    So that no child is left behind.

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About Us

A protected space to grow and develop, to unfold and explore, a foothold to grip and fly, Chrysalis is a journey for the nascent. As explained by Charles Darwin, it is a “proper place on which to become attached and undergo the final metamorphosis.”

In this golden age of childhood, children need a protected place which shelters the vulnerable and allows them space and the freedom to transform themselves to their full glory. Children are innocent beings, to be treated with utmost care and responsibility until the time they are strong enough to soar.

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The Early Years Program is a blend of experiential learning and a gradual building up of skills for the Foundation Years. While we realise the importance of nurturing the natural curiosity of a child and letting every child develop and learn at their own pace, we also believe in step by step building up of skills so that the child is ready to take on the academic and other challenges of a higher grade. Our early years program is testimony of that.

The Foundation Program is exactly that, a foundation. This is the stage where all the basic concepts are taught through multi modal instruction. Concepts which are taught are drilled through various means of expression such as worksheets, class activities, games and interactive circle time so that the concepts are embedded in the child’s mind before we expand the concepts to the next level.

The Foundation Years Program moves the child from a phase of exploration to a phase of knowledge where all the skill - sets are taught separately but integrated and applied in real life situations through projects and demonstrations by the children.

This laying of the foundation is crucial to the edifice of knowledge that we will be building in the Middle Years Program.

The Middle Years Program transfers the child from the phase of knowledge to the next phase of application.

At this stage we start building on the foundation and add the bricks of skill sets to this theoretical knowledge base. Children will carry out experiments in simulated and real time laboratories in Chemistry and Physics. They will also explore the physical region and climate of Africa and Australia through Geography and the cultural and social aspects of the same countries through the Literature emerging out of these continents. In the Middle Years we challenge the children to look beyond, compare, critique, question and contribute!

The middle years are also an exploration into the child’s natural inclination towards a particular stream which helps them hone their talent and academic skills in the direction of a professionals or a passion for life.

At Chrysalis High we understand the implication of these three years. Our higher education program brings in subject matter expertise teachers who pool in their years of knowledge and expertise to ensure that students are prepared for the academic challenges that await them.

The curriculum has been created to give horizontal relevance to the student, i.e. it is meaningful to them at the time of learning and has vertical alignment with the broad goals of the national and international systems of education so that every concept is a building block for the next concept.

We create opportunities for the young adults to interact with various professions and receive an in depth counseling to help them select their avenues for life. Our expert faculty doubles up as their friend and guide to help them deal with the pressure of these years.

Our constant endeavour to ensure complete understanding of the concept by the child drives us to seek new means to deliver the curriculum.

Our team strongly believes in the right blend of tradition and modernity. We have developed our own content which is relevant, current and broad based. We have integrated most of our lessons with media tools like power point presentation, videos and interactive games.

Our curriculum is delivered effectively through multi media teaching where classrooms become an interactive area of learning rather than a passive one. Each lesson is planned so that media becomes a supplement to the teachers not a substitute for them.


Chrysalis High Marathahalli - Sarjapur Road

Chrysalis High Marathahalli - Sarjapur Road

is located at Varthur, just 3 km from Forum Value Mall & 8 km from Wipro, Sarjapur Road and is affiliated to ICSE /ISC. +91- 78990 49871 / 78990 49873

Chrysalis High Yelahanka New Town

Chrysalis High Yelahanka New Town

is located in the heart of Yelahanka, just 500 meters from Yelahanka Police Station & is affiliated to CBSE. +91 91082 76790 / 91082 76791

Chrysalis High Whitefield - Kadugodi Road

Chrysalis High Whitefield - Kadugodi Road

is located on Kadugodi Road (behind HP petrol pump, opposite Sterling Villa Grande) & is affiliated to CBSE. +91 97391 50011 / 97391 50022

Chrysalis High Bannerghatta Road

Chrysalis High Bannerghatta Road

is located just 10 min from Meenakshi Temple and 15 min from Electronic City & follows CBSE Syllabus. +91-97426 80093 / +91-97426 90692

Chrysalis High Horamavu - Banaswadi

Chrysalis High Horamavu - Banaswadi

is located just behind Horamavu lake on the Old Flour Mill Street & follows CBSE Syllabus. +91-91082 76773 / +91-91082 76774

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Parent Speak


Pallavi & Natraj, Parents of Ankita & Adityas

Passionate, inspiring & caring teachers!

Ebenezer & Vivienne Vidyasagar, parents of Erin & Zachary

There is friendliness and an informality that Chrysalis High has to offer.

Tushar Sarmah & Manjistha Baruah, parents of Prateet

Chrysalis High is a welcome change from all the other schools.

Sudanandan & Shiney Sooraj, parents of Kiran

School's initiative to understand my child & differentiated worksheets to challenge each child made me select Chrysalis High.