Be Your Child’s Best Friend

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Children need support in every step to achieve the best in their life. As a parent, you will be concerned about how to raise them properly with good behaviour and character. That’s why you choose the best ICSE schools in Marathahalli. You believe a good school can educate your child in every aspect so that they learn to face every problem in life. But even if you choose the best ICSE schools in Marathahalli, you should also be a part of their important stages of life. You can always be a part of your child’s life and learning by being his/her friend.

Why should you be your child’s best friend?

  • Increased confidence

Being friends with your child enhance his/her confidence level and makes them feel secure. A child feels more confident when they know that their parents are always there for them. Treat your child as a friend and watch him/her blossom to their fullest.

  • You get to spend more time with them

Understand their interests and support them. Involve in their hobbies or arrange to go for workshops or classes with them so you two can learn together and spend more time together. The top ICSE schools in Marathahalli have after-school programs and extracurricular activities to encourage your child’s talents and abilities. Make sure you find time to participate in such events to support your child.

  • Work together to reach their goals

When you’re your child’s friend, you work together as a team to help him/her reach their goals. You don’t have to be overprotective. When you are their friend, your child will naturally let you know what he/she is doing, planning to go, or wants to do. By simply being their friend, you can protect them better than by keeping them cloistered and under your watchful eye all the time.

You don’t have to make much effort to become your child’s best friend. Know what your child is expecting from a friend and adapt yourself according to that. At Chrysalis High, one of the premium ICSE schools in Marathahalli, we encourage parents to become their child’s first friends, and we have seen that it has a positive impact on the child’s development. Contact your child’s teachers to know more about being your child’s best friend.