My experience at Chrysalis High

The first day of school teachers welcomed us with warmth by singing and dancing. I was a little nervous and wonder whether I would make any friends. As the days went by, I started getting closer to my friend. I consider myself lucky for being in such a wonderful cocoon with teacher who have nurtured and given us right values. Our Principal Ma’am is really friendly and understanding. The name Chrysalis High is very well suited for this school as we all children feels that we are into a safe and protected cocoon and one fine day we all will fly high with beautiful colour to become a successful people in life.

                                                                                                    Pranita Madishetti (Grade VII)


Although my entire experience throughout this year has been excellent, I would like to recap my golden moments through these important events.

My First day at School:

I was both excited and nervous after introductions what I liked the most was about games and activities that was planned to make us feel comfortable & have loads of fun.

Elections: It was time to choose the leaders of Chrysalis High president and vice-president were chosen by all of us by voting. House captains and sports captain were choose by our teachers.

 Overnight Camp:  This was my first overnight camp & this remains the most memorable and fulfilled night. Our 5, 6 & 7 students and teachers got to know each other better. We had loads of fun, cooking, dancing, camp fire, playing games, watching movie. All of us finally settled down to sleep in the reception area.

 Special Days:  Starting from Independence day, Diwali, Christmas, Children’s day and Republic Day were all celebrated.

Exhibition: We had science & Social exhibitions which gave us a lot of information about condensation, filtrations and the struggle by our freedom fighters had since this was acted by fifth graders.

Outdoor Trips: We visited Karnataka Disaster Management, Ramaiah Medical Hospital and many other places.

 Study Tour: We had a trip to Sharavathi Valley conducted by the outdoor school. This trip was really fun and I really enjoyed the trip. We had learnt a lot about the lifestyle of villagers, about animals and plants. This trip was actually very helpful. The day that I spent on the study tour with my friends are the most cherished moments in my life.

I am very happy and proud to be a part of the first year of school for Chrysalis High

                                                                                                                     Diya Naya (Grade V)


From the first day to the last day, I have experienced every feeling, sorrow, happiness, anger etc. My opinion towards Chrysalis High is that every individual are free to express their various opinions. The boiling fights with anger, pleasant moments with fellow mates and teachers that not only help us unite but also know every person is exotic in different ways.

We are given liberty by teachers to express our views. The difference in Chrysalis High from other schools makes us special. The activities and academics make every individual become a part of Chrysalis High. I therefore see Chrysalis High as an excellent environment for people to grow in. I also hope that many problems faced by the teachers and children are soon solved once for all. The principal, coordinators, teachers and other staff are too good and support us in all means. Our school also provides a homely and good environment

                                                                                                            Kushagra Jha (Grade VI)