Budding poet’s work @Marathahalli – Sarjapur Road


Our student of Grade VIII, Neil Moses creates magic through poetry. Do enjoy some of the  soulful poems penned down by him! We will very soon be reciting his poems across the country! We are proud of him!


From the distant corners of our world,

The earth upon its axis gently swirled,

The eyes of stars look & see the rise and fall of humanity.

They have gazed upon us since our birth,

EVER SINCE gravity settled the earth.

All was at peace, there was nothing wrong,

Till they realized humanity was a mighty throng.

They did not understand the reason for man’s greed,

Maybe it was because humans were able to choose the kind

Of lives they would leave. Men made choices wrong and right,

The worst were made in the dying light.

Human fought many wars, by this they bought upon themselves

Many horrors;

But despite all these lessons, they did not learn, no matter

How many warnings they received,

The planet slowly began to burn.

Craters erupted the earth’s core disrupted, the remainder

Of humanity barely survived.

The FIRE still burned, the sun had arrived.

It engulfed the earth, but the planet had already died.

The last cries of humanity echoed through space,

They may awaken the souls of stars in another place…

The School of my dreams

I fall asleep, I begin to dream

I wake up to see the school of my dreams

I can’t see any teachers. Everything is blue,

It’s all so magical; I wish you could see it too

It’s set among the clouds

Surrounded by a sea

When I look down everything seems so tiny.

The School is invisible you can’t see it

(Or can you) It’s a school for peace and happiness too.

My enemies don’t tease me as

They usually do, but everyone is friends

(I know you are my friend too).

You think about happiness…

He is already there, he’s waiting for friendship

Oh! He too has arrived there.

They walk together hand in hand

Leaving a little fun in the sand

This may not be real

for people don’t see what the world really ought to be

For in real life I feel so lonely

Am I the only one who dreams these dreams?

Or do you see what I see.

Whoever does so, please meet me

at the park in the school of my dreams.


The Sun that rises

wakes up birds,

The Sun that rises

makes them chirp.

The Sun that rises

gives us light,

The Sun that rises

makes everything bright.

The Sun that rises

makes the rooster cock,

The Sun that rises

wakes up the Shepherd’s flock.

The Sun that rises

Makes us rise

The Sun that rises

Makes us wise

And I thank God for everything nice.