All round Excellence personified: Anusha Thaly


“That some achieve great success is proof to all that others to achieve it as well” Abraham Lincoln.

The Chrysalis Family is proud to share the remarkable achievements of our budding stars, who have excelled both in the field of sports as well as academics. Each one of them realized at a very young age that if you are going to play big in this world, you need to tune in big.

Anusha Thaly realized at a very young age that there are no short cuts to success and she seems to have the Midas touch as everything she touches turns to gold. At a young age this prodigy has a bounty of medals and trophies in Athletics, Skating, Swimming and Badminton. She has proved her mettle at the intra school, inter school as well as the district level.

She has finally found her calling in Badminton and is pursuing the sport with unmatched vigour. In a short span of one year she has to her name the following coveted titles at the District as well as Zonal Level.

She won the Surakshaa cup organized by Surakshaa car care pvt. Ltd.

She was declared junior champion in girls singles at the inter school sports meet by Gopalan international school.

She participated in the Pnb metlife Badminton championship and reached the top 32 in Zonals (which includes Karnataka/Andhra/Pondicherry/Tamil Nadu & Kerala) in both Under 13 and Under 15 Category.

She understands that she cannot change the direction of the wind, but she can adjust her sails to reach her destination.