"Passionate, inspiring & caring teachers!"

-Pallavi & Natraj, Parents of Ankita & Aditya

Passionate, inspiring & caring teachers!

"There is friendliness and an informality that Chrysalis High has to offer."

-Ebenezer & Vivienne Vidyasagar, parents of Erin & Zachary

Knowing that our kids will be encouraged and given new opportunities to explore themselves is what is exciting. A young, dynamic and yet experienced staff with a passionate leader is what helped us choose Chrysalis High.

"Chrysalis High is a welcome change from all the other schools."

-Tushar Sarmah & Manjistha Baruah, parents of Prateet

Met with Principal and were really impressed with both the vision and the set up associated with the school. Felt our son would be taken care of as diligently as he is at home and would grow up to be well rounded individual under the guidance of school.

"School's initiative to understand my child & differentiated worksheets to challenge each child made me select Chrysalis High."

-Sudanandan & Shiney Sooraj, parents of Kiran

  • Wanted the teacher to understand our kid like we do. PUPA offered by Chrysalis seems to be able to address this concern.
  • At Chrysalis, we understood that different worksheets are given to challenge these kids in order to ensure that they keep growing. This is one of the main reasons we choose Chrysalis. We didn't want Kiran to get bored at school.

"School has great amenities & positive approach on collaborating with parents to bring out the best in child."

-Rahul & Nilanjana Guha, parents of Soham

We liked the approach of Chrysalis High to work together with parents to bring put the best from our children (in various areas). We also like the two-way feedback mechanism to understand the potential of the child and work accordingly to make it a success. Needless to say we like the future plan fro the school and great amenities.

"The playground, safety measures & campus atmosphere helped us select Chrysalis High for our children."

-Gregory & Mary Faife, parents of Joshua & Jessica

We feel comfortable with what we have seen. The whole set up, the play ground, safety measures the school has in place and generally the whole atmosphere on campus which made us decide that this would be the place we would love our children to grow up in.

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