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The Early Years Program is a blend of experiential learning and a gradual building up of skills for the Foundation Years. While we realise the importance of nurturing the natural curiosity of a child and letting every child develop and learn at their own pace, we also believe in step by step building up of skills so that the child is ready to take on the academic and other challenges of a higher grade. Our early years program is testimony of that.

The Foundation Program is exactly that, a foundation. This is the stage where all the basic concepts are taught through multi modal instruction. Concepts which are taught are drilled through various means of expression such as worksheets, class activities, games and interactive circle time so that the concepts are embedded in the child’s mind before we expand the concepts to the next level.

The Foundation Years Program moves the child from a phase of exploration to a phase of knowledge where all the skill - sets are taught separately but integrated and applied in real life situations through projects and demonstrations by the children.

This laying of the foundation is crucial to the edifice of knowledge that we will be building in the Middle Years Program.

The Middle Years Program transfers the child from the phase of knowledge to the next phase of application.

At this stage we start building on the foundation and add the bricks of skill sets to this theoretical knowledge base. Children will carry out experiments in simulated and real time laboratories in Chemistry and Physics. They will also explore the physical region and climate of Africa and Australia through Geography and the cultural and social aspects of the same countries through the Literature emerging out of these continents. In the Middle Years we challenge the children to look beyond, compare, critique, question and contribute!

The middle years are also an exploration into the child’s natural inclination towards a particular stream which helps them hone their talent and academic skills in the direction of a professionals or a passion for life.

At Chrysalis High we understand the implication of these three years. Our higher education program brings in subject matter expertise teachers who pool in their years of knowledge and expertise to ensure that students are prepared for the academic challenges that await them.

The curriculum has been created to give horizontal relevance to the student, i.e. it is meaningful to them at the time of learning and has vertical alignment with the broad goals of the national and international systems of education so that every concept is a building block for the next concept.

We create opportunities for the young adults to interact with various professions and receive an in depth counseling to help them select their avenues for life. Our expert faculty doubles up as their friend and guide to help them deal with the pressure of these years.

Our constant endeavour to ensure complete understanding of the concept by the child drives us to seek new means to deliver the curriculum.

Our team strongly believes in the right blend of tradition and modernity. We have developed our own content which is relevant, current and broad based. We have integrated most of our lessons with media tools like power point presentation, videos and interactive games.

Our curriculum is delivered effectively through multi media teaching where classrooms become an interactive area of learning rather than a passive one. Each lesson is planned so that media becomes a supplement to the teachers not a substitute for them.


(Prior Understanding of Pupil Attributes)
In conventional schools, by the time a teacher comes to know about the personality of the child, a lot of time has gone by. This also results in teachers “branding” children of specific behavior, which in reality might be ignorance in understanding the child.
P.U.P.A (Prior Understanding of Pupil Attributes) is an initiative of Chrysalis High to enable the teacher to understand the children even before the academic year has started. PUPA is a collaborative effort which involves the parent as well as the teacher.
Instead of relying on brief notes of an admission form, our teachers spend time with each parent individually in an effort to know the child, his favourite TV programs, his fears, what makes him laugh, what word he uses for water or food...... little things that will help the teacher handle the child in a way which is optimal to his learning. Every little detail learnt from you will be preserved for the whole academic year. Over the month the teacher will add her observations and record anecdotes that shape your child.
At the beginning of the next academic year, the previous class teacher sits with the new class teacher and shares each child’s progress and personality individually, helping her gain a prior understanding of each pupil’s attributes. And this process continues till the child is in school, ensuring that the teachers spend most of their time in the child’s learning & not in trying to understand the child.



(Chrysalis High Amateur to Masters in Performing Arts & Sports)

CHAMPS start for all children from Grade I. Children go through various activities which they like.
They can select activities like Swimming, Skating, Basketball, Gymnastics, Yoga, Contemporary Dance, Western Music, Theatre and Chess. Each of the activities is taught to the child by a coach who specializes in that field. The children are observed closely so as to understand & hone their talent in any of the Sports or Performing Arts. The parents are involved from time to time in the process of holistic development of the child. If any child wishes to pursue any of the activities as his/her career, the child is counseled on the same, exploring options available in the country & globally.

Basket Ball


(Science, Technology, Engineering, & Math)

Every organization, country and economy needs inventors and innovators. We owe the comfortable modern life that we live today to the efforts and inventiveness of these great people. 

How does one become an inventor? Is there a textbook or a course called ‘Inventing 101’? No! The only way to become an inventor is to keep imagining, dreaming, trying, tinkering and inventing! As Thomas Edison said – “To invent, you need a good imagination and a pile of junk.” 

We, at Chrysalis High, in association with Hobby Master, give children a mindset and skill-set required to be inventive. It means sparking their curiosity, giving them material to work with, teaching them to use tools safely, showing them the connections between theory and the real world and mentoring them to be innovative. 

As recognized world over, education, skills and careers in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) fields are critical 21st century skills essential for success. 

In our hands-on STEM sessions, children get an opportunity to work with real industrial grade material and tools and experience the sense of accomplishment in building a model that works. 

Following are the highlights of the Hands-on STEM Education Program at Chrysalis High:
  • Eight sessions for each grade
  • Four working models will be built and taken home by each student.
  • Hands-on experiments aligned to curriculum concepts.
  • Content designed to make STEM sessions application-oriented, fun and engaging.
How do students benefit:
  • Greater curiosity and interest in STEM subjects.
  • Improved motor skills.
  • Understanding & appreciation of how things work.
  • Develop ability to innovate.
  • Sense of accomplishment and joy in building a model that works!.

We, at Chrysalis High, believe that our people are our most important assets. Effective teachers can have life changing impact on a student. Competent people in administration can make life so easy for teachers & parents as well. A Principal’s leadership can have a lasting impact on the image of the school.

At Chrysalis, we consciously select only those people who are passionate about making a “real” difference to the learning process of the child. The best of the curriculum fails if there is no passion in delivering it & boring topics can become very interesting if the teacher just adds passion to it.

We ensure that all people joining us are passionate & motivated and also share our vision of “helping our children soar.”

Chrysalis High is arguably the only school in the country which has a sustained development program for its entire staff – CHISEL. CHISEL (Chrysalis High Institute of sustained education & learning) is a program designed to identify & fill gaps in each teacher’s development process. Through various observations, each teacher’s training & developmental needs are identified. Training programs are developed or outsourced according to those needs. Teachers go through the training programs & are evaluated again through additional classroom observations to ensure that they meet the benchmark of Chrysalis High.

Transition Blocks

As teachers & parents, we have experienced the struggles that our children have to go through especially when the demands of the curriculum expand exponentially, for example when our child moves from Kindergarten to Grade I, from Grade IV to Grade V and from Grade VII to Grade VIII.

A kindergartner moving to Grade I has to cope with increased academics, structured formal class environment and increase in school timings. The added difference of separate teachers for different subjects creates sudden hurdles resulting in a sharp fall in motivation and consequently, learning.

Chrysalis High creates transition blocks. A specially designed block across which different stages of the curriculum from kindergarten to Grade X, where the teachers hold the children’s hands and help them leap across the hurdles seamlessly. Approaching changes are introduced gradually; skill gaps are met and closed. Curriculum is modified to help children prepare themselves to meet challenges of the next phase of their academic life.

Community Integration


Community Integration Program, interwoven with the curriculum, is the thread of our core values of helping children gain self knowledge and moral responsibility towards the community. A grade wise progressive course of action, the Community Integration Program seeks to integrate learnt academic skills with application in practical life in and around the school.

The C.I.P is aimed at providing children with nuggets of experiences which propel them towards gaining an insight into their strengths and building their character through collaborative positive action throughout their academic life.


Individual Support Program


Individual Support Program is one of the key differentiator of Chrysalis High. While we truly believe in celebrating excellence, we also believe that at one point or another, every child needs support.

Classroom learning is a group effort and occurs in a dynamic, and more often than not, a distracting environment, therefore many children lose out on concepts, instructions and step during teaching.

Support, especially academic support, given at the right time, with the right intensity can help the child bridge that gap. These gaps, if not addressed at the right time can lead to low conceptual clarity, low motivation and ultimately a complete refusal towards academics tasks.

A thorough process of identification of skill gaps, target based program and strategy based remediation has helped many children recover their academic losses and integrate into the classroom with confidence and motivation.