Why ICSE board is an ideal choice for your kids?

ICSE schools in Sarjapur Road

One of the biggest challenges that parents face while planning schooling for their children is finding the best school in their locality. The second challenge is choosing the education system. Selecting the right board of education makes a significant difference in the overall development of the child. So, it is pertinent that parents put in a lot of thought and research before selecting the right school for their child.

There are two recognised boards of education in India. They are CBSE and ISCE. Some of the queries people commonly have are– What makes ICSE board different from CBSE? How does one identify the right ICSE schools in Bangalore? Want to know about ICSE schools and the facilities available there? Keep reading!

International Standard Teaching

ICSE schools are recognised and certified by the CISCE or the Council for the Indian School Certificate Examination. This curriculum includes a detailed study of subjects with more preference for English literature and language. As there is more emphasis on English, ICSE students have an edge while appearing for common entrance examinations like TOEFL. Many ICSE schools in Sarjapur Road even offer creative subjects like fashion design, agriculture, home science and cookery for innovative minds.

Global Certification

A certificate from ICSE board is now recognised by many foreign education systems as equivalent to senior examination or high school.

World Class Facilities and Infrastructure

Most of the ISCE schools in Bangalore have spacious and fully air-conditioned classrooms and well equipped with all the necessary laboratories and activity centres. Buses are fully GPS fitted and driven by trained drivers.

Choosing the right board of education is integral because it plays an important role in the future of your child. The ICSE curriculum focuses on concepts and has a well-structured syllabus. So, the education from ICSE board can help prepare your child for the challenges for higher education in their field of choice.  Have you started looking for the best ICSE schools in Sarjapur Road for your child? Visit Chrysalis High, one of the leading ICSE schools in Bangalore.