Two exercises that will help you prepare your child for School

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Checking out schools in Sarjapur road or Marathahalli for your toddler? Before you decide on the best school for your child, you think that you need to prepare your little one for school. Many parents think it is their responsibility to teach the basics of numbers, alphabets, and a whole lot of rhymes even before kids get to school. While this can make it easier for kids at nursery, it can also create unwanted stress in the minds of the parents and the children.

So, if you are keen you want to train your child before taking him/her to school, here are a couple of fun activities for you. These activities will not only help strengthen the bond between the parent and the child, but also make learning fun for kids.

Number Key Colouring Exercises

You can buy a colour by number book for your child. The book will usually have many pictures and a key that tells the children which section needs to be filled with which colour. Children enjoy playing with colours and this activity encourages subconscious learning of numbers, colours, and the shapes in the pictures. Apart from these learnings, it also

  • Stimulates focus and creativity
  • Improves their fine motor skills
  • Builds confidence

Join the letters and colour it

You can either do it yourself or get a book of alphabets. The alphabets are incomplete with dots. The children need to join the dots to draw the alphabet. It helps them recognise the letters and write them. It also

  • Builds wrist movement
  • Enhances hand-eye coordination

While playing these games with your toddler, you teach not only alphabets and numbers, but also communication. As you guide and encourage your child to do the activities, you are helping build their language and social skills. Plus, research has shown that when parents spend quality time with children, the kids are more likely to do well in their studies, extracurricular activities and life.

Spending quality time with your little one and equipping him/her for life out of home is as important as spending time in searching for schools in Marathahalli or Sarjapur Road. Make learning fun for kids and enjoy building this lifetime bond with your little one with these and more fun activities.