The Secret to Unlocking Your Child’s Inner Creative Genius

The Secret to Unlocking Your Child’s Inner Creative Genius


Henry David Thoreau once said “What does education often do? It makes a straight-cut ditch of a free, meandering brook.” Thoreau is talking about traditional lecture-based book-based education that used in many schools in Bangalore, which makes children mere vessels holding lot of information/ Every child is blessed with so much creativity that will leave you stunned. The problem with us is that by forcing routine and rote memory, we are rapidly making our children lose that creative genius and making them robots who just score marks in the exams. If you don’t want this fate for your child, it is just enough if you put your child in one of the top schools in Bangalore. You need to spend quality time with your children to foster their creativity and build their imagination.

Here are two fun activities that you can do with your children to build their creativity.

  1. Ask them to talk about their day

Every evening get your child to talk about his/her day. There are bound to be huge exaggerations of various incidents that happened though the day. Don’t correct the child, unless he/she is telling lies or talking ill about someone. In other cases, let their imagination flow as they make stories about little things they noticed around them throughout the day.

  • Story telling fosters creative thinking
  • It develops their language skills
  • Kids learn to organizer their thoughts when narrating the stories

As a parent, you will find many benefits of this activity such as:

  • You will have a clear idea of what you child did throughout the day
  • If any thing is troubling your child, you will be able to identify it at the earliest
  • You will get an idea of the things that your child likes and appreciates
  • Your child’s language and communication improves as he/she talks to you everyday
  • Your children appreciate the fact that you are involved in their daily routine, and it gives them more confidence
  1. Ask them to make a list of their favourite foods/things/games/fictional characters/artists

Instead of having the same routine tasks, think of different ways in which you can get your child to list these favourites. It can be a task your child does as you are driving him/her to school or when you are going out for dinner or movie. Make it a continuation of their everyday activity. If you are at home, you can ask your child to write the list and if you’re out, they can simply spell it out and elaborate it to you. As the child recollects and lists the items, he/she learns to pay attention to details.

How does this benefit parents?

  • First, you get to know what your child likes
  • You are building a communication bridge for your child to reach out to you anytime
  • Your child feels motivated and cherished that you are spending quality time with him/her

So, no matter which school in Bangalore your child is studying in, if you spend time with your child, you can help build his/her creativity and imagination. The secret to developing your child’s creative genius is your faith and motivation for your child.