Teachers Recreation Day 2016-17 @ Chrysalis High, Kadugodi

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After an enlightening month of orientation, induction   and training, the management of Chrysalis High, Kadugodi, planned and scheduled a recreation day for the teachers to have fun and enjoy.  Our Principal and   coordinators planned a day filled with fun and activities on the 31st of May, 2016. The teachers assembled in the football field, dressed in their casual best. The group activity was to select a ‘mom’ from the group   , design and dress her using just newspapers. The activity was a perfect amalgamation of creativity, team work, time management and also   being eco friendly at the same time. It was indeed amazing to see the innovative   costume   designed and   presented by the teachers in just 20 minutes. This was followed by the all time favourite party game – musical chairs. It was a merry sight to watch teachers running and dancing, all the while keeping in step to the music, as they indulged in the game. After all this play,   the teachers’ taste buds were indulged too. We were treated to an elaborate buffet at the school cafeteria.  Later, everyone gathered   in the AV room , where prizes were announced and distributed. A day of pampering charged the teachers for the academic year as they shouted ‘hip, hip hurray’.