Suhani Thaly of Grade V Chrysalis High, Varthur brings accolades by composing set of more than thirty poems in her journal.

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The Budding Author in the Hall of Fame –

At the age of four, Suhani Thaly, a grade 5 Chrysalis Varthur child, had composed her first set of poems.
With over thirty poems in her journal, she is far from done. In fact, from the age of six, she has harbored a dream of becoming an author, and has firmly believed in it. A voracious reader, Suhani has dedicated her story to all the little children, who delve in the joys of reading.
Inspired by a paragraph, she has penned about a dinosaur in her garden, in school. In her new story “Dodos in the Park” the 10 year old came up with the idea of Dodos. In the words of Suhani, “The story is about my friends and me playing in the park, with our toy guns, when we have an encounter with the Dodos, and they accuse us of shooting their ancestors. As the story proceeds, the Dodos realize that they are mistaken. But you would have to read ahead to find what happens next!!”

We at Chrysalis, Varthur, congratulate her and await many more works of wonder to come our way, from her.