Students of Chrysalis High bring accolades by winning Medals at Oakridge Model United Nation.


Chrysalis Delegates Rock at Oakridge Model United Nation

The young delegates of Chrysalis High, Varthur attended the Oakridge Junior Model United Nations (Oak-JMUN) which took place on 26th and 27th of August 2016. Model United Nations is an extracurricular, educational simulation of the United Nations Organization, aimed at acquainting students with an understanding of diplomacy, international politics, current affairs and the United Nations, as well as teaching leadership and debating skills. The Oak-JMUN conference brought together over 90 delegates from across 10 schools, to recreate the UNESCO, WHO AND THE HRC. It was a student driven platform with a focus on public speaking, debating and building perspective on global issues. The students of Chrysalis represented different countries in each committee; hence they were delegates from their given nation. Throughout the conference they learnt how to be a diplomatic delegate incorporating negotiation, impromptu speeches, advocacy and diplomacy. The UNESCO Committee was attended by Sohan Bhattacharjee (VIII), Chandramouli Koushik (VIII) and Trisha Edward (VI). The WHO Committee was represented by Rithwik Nargund (VIII) and Priyanka Priyadarshini (VIII). The Human Rights Council was donned by Anusha Thaly, Surya T. and Kuchal Rajan. Our students not only participated but also won many awards. The honourable mention – delegate was won by Anusha Thaly for her research work and persuasive skill, the best position paper was won by Rithwik Nargund and the best verbal mention was given to Priyanka Priyadarshini. At their pilot attempt at M.U.N., our children made their presence felt!