Overnight Stay of Grades 3 & 4 at Chrysalis High – Marathahalli – Sarjapur Road


On 31 October 2014, the students of Grade III and IV made the Halloween night spookier and more memorable with a night stay on the school campus. The evening began with a scintillating puppet show by artists from Rangaputhali, Bangalore. The students were enthralled by the vibrant puppets dancing to popular Bollywood melodies as well as the retelling of legendary stories based on Tenali Rama. Shortly after the puppet show, children were amused and scared by a ghost dressed in black who kicked off the Halloween night. This was followed by the much loved game called ‘Pass the parcel’ which was immensely enjoyed by the students. The ones who caught the parcel chose to tell a joke, recite poems and even dance on their favorite tunes. The winners were rewarded with chocolates.

 The students were hardly able to contain their excitement of the bonfire during dinner. Post dinner, they danced around the campfire with their friends and a few even tried their hand at roasting potatoes. The children shared candies and snacks with their friends and broke the still of the school campus on a chilly night. As the fire died down, the students retired to bed by watching their all-time favorite movie, “Finding Nemo”.

The next morning, a wholesome breakfast was followed by a short exercise drill and then free play in the football field before the excited lot returned home with their parents.

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