Let’s Join Hands to Create the Best Environment for Your Child to Learn and Grow

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A child lives in a protected environment at home. After a point of time, the child has to leave the secure environment and step into the world, which happens to be a school, at first. Though there are numerous schools in Bangalore, as a parent, you would look for important features and facilities before you admit your child in that school.

Chrysalis High is one of the top schools in Bangalore, not for our infrastructure and facilities (which is definitely the best in the city), but for our student-centric approach to education. We aim at helping children prepare mentally for the drastic change in their lives. Our teachers work with both parents and children and help them make the transition from home to school or from one level of schooling to the next higher level in the education system. Following are some important guidelines that we have collated for the benefit of our parents.

Before Starting School – Working to create a secure ambience

  • We would like you to bring your child to school at least twice before regular school begins. This is specially for kindergarten kids as they need to get comfortable in the new environment before they begin school.
  • In all Chrysalis High schools in Bangalore, we organise a Prior Understanding of Pupil Attribute (PUPA) session. It is a session between the parents and the teachers, when parents can discuss about their children with the teachers.
  • Collect the Special Readiness Kit created by Chrysalis High from the support team. It helps the child prepare for school before the classes start.
  • Collect the temporary identity card and fill all the pertinent details, including emergency contact number and blood group
  • If needed, get the optional cafeteria card/coupon for the term
  • If needed, parents can opt for the after-school day care. The details are available in the office
  • Parents who wish to avail transport options need to apply for the same before the start of the school year

Daily Must-dos – Note to Parents

  • Make sure your child wears neat and clean uniform to school every day. Also, ensure he/she carries the identity card
  • Pack the text books and stationary in the school bag as per the instructions of the class teacher.
  • Parents are requested to check the school dairy every day to get important notes and updates from teachers

Regular Updates about School Activities

  • We encourage parents to regularly communicate with teachers
  • You can also get the details of activities in school on the Chrysalis High FB page

Forms and Documents

  • Fill the forms including CHAMPS form (Grade 1 onward) and Health form
  • Submit documents like transfer certificate and report cards from the previous year
  • Make sure you collect the bearer card from the office

If you want to know more about the joining guidelines, contact the office in our Chrysalis High Schools in Bangalore.