“Key to a great career path, sex education & gender sensitivity” by Dr. Ali Khwaja @ Chrysalis High, Yelahanka


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On 16th November, Dr. Ali Kwaja visited our school, Chrysalis High, Yelahanka. He is the founder of Banjara Academy and is a trainer, mentor and a career counsellor. We had two sessions with him. The first session was on career counselling for Gr. 10 students. We were advised on how to pick a stream based on our interests and asked us to make our own decisions. With a lot of examples, he highlighted the fact that although a person may not get the highest marks or get into top colleges, one can make it big and sustain a job by doing what he/she loves to do. He told us to find our passions understand them, work hard and smartly to do well. He advised us not to go by the herd mentality and choose a career that we really want to do. The second session, on sex education was held for students of Grades 8,9 & 10. It dealt with sex education, gender sensitivity and equality. The boys and girls were split into two groups and given proper and scientific information. The knowledge that we gained will definitely help us in our day to day life.