How to Select The Best School for Your Kid?

International schools in Bangalore

Selection of the right school for your children can make a big difference in their life. Whether your kids will be going to a primary school, high school or you are just relocating to a new place in Bangalore, choosing one of the best international schools in Whitefield Bangalore will ensure a great educational experience for them.

Here are some points that you can consider while selecting school for your kids:

  • Board

In India, the school education is categorized under State board, CBSE Board, ICSE Board and IGCSE Board. You can choose the appropriate board depending upon few criteria. If you have a transferrable job, it’s better to choose CBSE board as it is uniform across the country. But, if you wish to broaden your child’s prospects for higher studies then ICSE or IGCSE are the better options.

  • Approach

The schools near Whitefield which have a holistic approach are always better than the ones which concentrate only on academics.

  • School’s credentials and reputation

Find out the school credentials and its reputation, either from internet or from other parents. If the school has an expertise in the field of education, then it definitely adds to the school credentials.

  • Infrastructure

While selecting your child’s school, you must check out its infrastructure by visiting it personally.

  • Security

Considering the dreadful incidents against children in the recent times, it is important to ensure the safety and security of your child. Most of the renowned international schools in Whitefield Bangalore have CCTV cameras and security personals in and around their campus.

  • Location

Always select a school which is nearby your home. This reduces any hassles and saves the commuting time.

  • Be realistic

While it’s tempting for many parents to fill their lists with names of top schools near Whitefield, that’s not the point. Sometimes the most elite schools may not offer the type of learning environment to your kid despite of their costly fee structures. Spend some time in knowing what the school actually offers and what your child needs in order to succeed.

Choosing the best school for your kid will definitely be a major challenge for you but these points will surely help you in making the right decision.