How to make your child fall in love with reading?

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Kids are always curious to learn new things. It is the eagerness to explore the world around that led them acquire new information and skills. But somewhere along the way, this natural love for learning is often lost and many children dislike going school and learning new things. It is up to parents and teachers to reignite the love for learning in children.

Even if you enrol your child in one of the best CBSE schools in Bangalore, learning will happen only if the child is interested in it. Forcing your child to learn will not give you any lasting results. Here are some fun tips and suggestions to make your child fall in love with learning.

Make learning a fun activity

Most children end up hating homework because they think that it is boring and repetitive. Switch of the television and put your mobile phone on silent and spend quality time with your child during those evening study times. By working together and putting in your effort and most importantly by making those study times fun, you can get your child interested in learning.

Instil the habit of reading books

Help your child develop reading skills and a love for reading by filling his/her world with books. You can also get audio books to tempt your child into the world of stories before you introduce books for reading. Help them choose books according to their interests and preferences. Take them to storytelling sessions, book reading programs and other events where he/she can interact with other children who are interested in reading books.

Enrol your child in a library

The best schools in Whitefield will have a good library. However, if that is not the case, enrol your child in a library close home. You spend time with your child in the library, encourage them to read books to find information for their assignments and projects. They will enjoy the hands-on approach to learning.

Motivate them, every time

No matter what, keep motivating your child in a positive manner. Positive reinforcement will give you lasting results rather than punishments and pointing out negative behaviour.

If you want your child to truly do well in their studies, you should first trigger their interest in learning. Once the seed of learning is planted in their minds, you just need to motivate them in the right direction and watch them bloom to their fullness.