How to identify your child’s learning style?

The Secret to Unlocking Your Child’s Inner Creative Genius

Does your son face trouble in spelling words? Does your daughter find it hard to concentrate in her history class? Don’t worry; it may be that your child has a different learning style.  If you understand your children’s learning style, you will have a stronger grasp of how to help them in their studies. Children receive and process information in different ways which depend partly on their environments but mainly on their genetic profiles.

Experts have identified three primary learning styles into which most children fall: auditory, visual and kinesthetic. It’s essential for you to identify that style to strengthen their learning experience in the schools in Bangalore. Let’s make this simple for you:

Auditory Learners: If your children have an affinity for words and prefer reading aloud in comparison to just scanning through eyes, then they are auditory learners. With good verbal abilities as well as listening powers, the auditory learners often like to indulge in discussions and conversations.

Visual Learners: If your children are good at recognizing places and faces of people while displaying keen interests in arts and crafts, they boast a visually strong learning system. On close observation, you will find that they can visually grasp the things much faster than other means.

Kinesthetic Learners: Kinesthetic learners mainly rely on their body language. Being quite expressive, they usually make the most of their facial and body gestures to convey as well as grasp information. If your children studying in the best school in Yelahanka, prefer to touch and feel things to understand them in a better way and show keen interest in dancing, acting or sports, they fall under this category.

Identifying your children’s learning style

  • Observe how your children express themselves
  • Consider your children’s interest
  • See how the they solve their problems
  • Talk to the teachers of the schools in Bangalore who interact with your children regularly

In the best school in Yelahanka, most of the teachers are now focusing on the learning styles of children and reaching out to all kinds of learners. This not only helps to build the best study routine that works on their strengths but also, subsequently enables them to develop other facets of their learning that are not much stronger.