How do I prepare my child for the biggest exam – LIFE?

In this rapidly changing world, there are few things our children are exposed to, which are bound to shape their life in future – technology and a well off lifestyle. Few children do not have access to components which shaped our personality and value system – staying in the joint family & being in midst of friends who come from vastly different financial backgrounds. In such a scenario, it becomes very important for a school to shape the personality & value system of the child. A school needs to do some/all of the following things to help the children:

– Make life skills an integral part of the curriculum, giving exposure to children about the real world through Community Integration Programs.

– Create a strong value system which becomes a part of their everyday life, not just academics, but raising the overall emotional quotient of the child by continuous counseling on success, failure, fairness, equality and mutual respect. The above values in a child can be imbibed through academics & sports.

– Ensure that children understand the importance of Hard work & Honesty. With the rapidly changing world, they can select any career option they wish but to be successful, they have to work hard with utmost honesty towards their work.

– These values are extremely important as they shape the personality of the child, irrespective of what the child chooses as his/her career. At the end, every school needs to prepare the children for the biggest exam – LIFE!