Does your child have a growth mindset?

Schools in Bannerghatta

Have you sometimes thought that some people can never grow or improve because they are fixed on something? The same can be said for children as well. As long as children are fixed on certain aspects of their personalities and feel that they have reached the limit of their capabilities, they may not be able to learn and grow to their full potential.

Stanford researcher Carol Dweck first came up with the concept of “Growth mindset”. A “fixed mindset” says that people are born with certain characters that don’t change through the lifetime, while the “growth mindset” says that everyone when given the right opportunity and learning, can grow and develop new abilities and skills.

One of the biggest obstacles to the growth mindset is the fixed personality of the self. If the student thinks that he or she will not be able to study harder, learn new things, or explore new situations, then it can be difficult for anyone, parent or teacher, to help them improve. Many schools in Bannerghatta, Marathalli, and other parts of Bangalore are fast realizing the importance of developing the growth mindset.

What are the benefits of having a growth mindset?

The first benefit is that the growth mindset develops empathy. A student understands the personality and characteristics of the other students in the school. This not only helps develop more cooperation, but also improves peer relationships. A few CBSE schools in Bangalore have already started working towards creating a growth mindset amongst the students and the teachers. Growth mindset also helps reduce bullying in schools as students learn to accept other’s personalities and look for opportunities to grow and develop. Students with a fixed mindset are prone to depression as they may feel that failures are permanent. When they have a growth mindset, the students will realize that they can change for the better and improve themselves.

How to teach the growth mindset?

You want the child to learn about the growth mindset? You should show it in actions rather than words. The children should believe that you have a growth mindset and that you are open for personality changes and developments. Students just imitate your actions, so if you can confidently build a growth mindset, then you can help the students do the same.

It’s not too late! Build a growth mindset and encourage your children to do the same. Just imagine the immense scope of opportunities you open for them, by just changing the mindset.