Benefits of Using Visual Imagery in the Classroom

What are the strategies that teachers can employ to help their students succeed?


Visual imagery is the use of figurative language to represent an idea or concept. Teachers can effectively use this technique to help students learn new concepts, remember and recollect new information. In traditional teaching methodology, teachers used aids such as diagrams, maps, charts, models and hand drawings to help students visualize the concepts. These days the top ICSE schools in Bangalore use technology like computers and projectors to create visual imagery in the classroom. The technology is so advanced that teachers can even use 3-dimensional images to show the actual view of body organs, machines or other things or use animation to explain processes. These technology aids have converted normal classrooms into smart classrooms. The benefits of using visual imagery are explained in detail in this blog.

Quick grasp of information

It is a well-known fact that the human brain is capable of grasping and comprehending visual cues very quickly. In fact, the brain processes images 60,000 times faster than text. It means that students are more likely to pay attention and remember cues that have been visually presented to them than by using other modes. Moreover, 90% of the information is visually transmitted to the brain. So, using visual imagery helps child grasp, understand and apply information and process information.

Long term memory

All information that we receive through all the senses are first stored in short term memory and later transferred to long term memory. If the information is not transferred to long term memory, then it is more likely to be forgotten. Studies have shown that images are more likely to be directly stored in the long term memory, which makes it easier to recollect when required. Children are more likely to remember the ads they watched on television, movie scenes and not much of the lesson that you read out to them. Use imagery techniques to help the child visualise the lesson and they will remember it longer!

Makes classes fun!

Visual imagery makes the lesson fun and interesting. Students will find lessons more interesting and concepts fun to learn when you use pictures, animations or diagrams to explain it to them. It not only grabs their attention but keeps them focussed on the topic. Visual imagery also motivates students and encourages them to explore more about the topic.

The top ICSE schools in Bangalore use visual imagery they clearly know and understand how these teaching aids benefit the students and their learning process.