Annual Day @ Chrysalis High, Kadugodi

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Chrysalis High    Annual Day Celebration

Colourful costumes, hint of makeup and nervous butterflies in each and every stomach; this was the scene on 19th December 2015, at MLR Convention Hall. Chrysalis High, Kadugodi was celebrating its first Annual Day! After several weeks of dedication and practice, the D Day had finally arrived along with hordes of parents waiting patiently to witness their wards on stage.

The event was graced by our Director, Mr. Sawaldas Jethani, Ms. Sarah Misra, Mr. Rajan, Ms. Indrani and our beloved principal Ms. Devyani Mitra. After lighting the lamp, The Director addressed the enthusiastic gathering.

Chrysalis High - Kadugodi     Best CBSE School - Kadugodi

The curtains rose to a group of girls from grades 7 and 8 dressed in blue with their faces painted. The Avatar Acrobatic dance girls gave an amazing performance to the jungle beats. This was quickly followed by a foot tapping ‘Welcome’ dance by the students of grade 4.

A teacher and student skit introduced the story, Wizard of Oz; an excellent and extravagant effort by the students of grade 3A and 3B. The antecedents of the dog Toto had the audience in splits. After the play came to an end, it was time for the Masters of Ceremony to make their entry. Eight nuggets ranging from grades 1 to 8 rehearsed endlessly to give an impeccable performance. The students introduced the concept of the Time Machine to the audience before making a quick getaway into the past, into the world of Tenali Raman. The rib tickling play was enacted completely in Hindi with a dance performance to a Tamil song.

The Time Machine took the children to various eras and place including a visit to the Wright brothers in 1902, followed by a dance performance to the song ‘I’m Alive’ by the students of grade 2B. The next stop was in Salzburg, Austria in the year 1925 that had the students of grade 1A confidently singing the song ‘Do Re Mi’. The next place was India during the freedom struggle. The story of Bhagat Singh, Rajguru and Sukhdev unfolded, dramatised by the students of grades 7 and 8. The students of grades 6, 7 and 8 also danced to ‘Ae Watan’, Mera Rangde Basanti Chola’ and ‘Vande Mataram’.

The Time Machine children had a stopover in the USA in the year 1955 and witnessed a splendid performance by the students of grade 5 to the song ‘Black or white’. The next stop wasn’t on earth but on the moon in the year 1969! The children interacted with Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin before the children dance to the song ‘Chand Taare’. Next was a glimpse into the future, 2050 where people walked around with oxygen masks and bald heads. The students of 1D performed to the song ‘Mein Aisa Kyun Hoon’.

After a long journey in the Time Machine, the eights student come back to their classroom to face their curious peers and made the parents take a pledge to conserve nature and it’s bounty. After a performance by the students of 1B to the song ‘Aashayein’, the eight children gave an endearing performance to the song ‘So Long Farewell’ followed by an adorable performance by grade 1C to the song ‘My name is’. The feature ended with a grand finale with each and every participant walking onto the stage accompanied by their teachers.

The tireless effort by the Staff and students of Chrysalis High, Kadugodi was very apparently seen by one and all. Everyone left the auditorium with a wide smile and some beautiful memories.