Skype session with Vietnam School @ Chrysalis High, Kadugodi


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Skype call with Vietnamese students …. The children at Chrysalis High, Kadugodi had an unusual caller. It was not one of their friends, relatives or even people they knew before. Even then there was an atmosphere of excitement. These children of Grade 8 had been working on agricultural practices of different countries but today they were in for a surprise. They were scheduled to have a Skype call with students of grade 7 from Hanoi International School, Hanoi, Vietnam as part of collaborative learning for the same project. Children of both schools exchanged not only the pleasantries but also valuable information pertaining to food habits, staple food and even issues pertaining to agriculture. The technical issues on the side of the partner school did not hinder the spirit of the students at both ends. While the weak connectivity doused the voices, children found innovative ways of communicating apart from typing out things, they exchanged smilies, they even wrote their questions and flashed them on the computer screens. The students at both end did not want to end the session, even though it was way past the lunch time for the students in Vietnam. The personal take away for some of the students from our end were – Adwitiya Roy wished her new friends goodbye in their own language – Tạmbiệt Revathy found amazing similarities between the time periods the crops are grown in both countries and also found it interesting that the staple food of both the countries was same ( Rice!!!) Shreyas found the whole experience of collaboration new and very innovative. He had never had a Skype session with children of another country before and he found writing questions on paper and showing them on screen very exciting. Anoop felt the students of the partner school were very friendly and enthusiastic to know us. The teachers who were instrumental in organising the Skype session Vineeta and Debasree felt that the partner school students were very eager to share information as well as were very eager to visit India. In all a very unique exposure to students with regards to cultural exchange as well as peer learning.