7 Tips To Pick The Best School For Your Child

7 Tips to Pick the Best School for your Child


The next school year is just round the corner. In most schools, the admissions would already be underway. Don’t blindly put your child in some school just because you feel it’s popular or that it has a good advertisement strategy. Your child’s physical, mental, and emotional development as well as his/her future depends on the school you admit them in. So, it’s really important that you do a lot of background research before you choose a school for your child. Here are top seven tips that you need to keep in mind while choosing the best international school for your child.

  • Location:

It’s always preferable to choose a school that’s close to your home. Or, if you think the school is too good to miss out, try to shift closer to the school. Just ensure that your child doesn’t have a long commute to and from school.

  • Budget:

This is definitely a point that most parents focus on. Check out the fees prescribed by the various schools and the amenities and kind of education the schools provide. Some schools may charge exorbitant fees, but not provide any value add to the education.

  • Safety:

This should be of prime concern for all parents. Factors such as location of the school, condition of the building, infrastructure, and availability of medical support are all factors that you need to consider.

  • Student understanding:

Not many schools have teachers who take time to analyze the child’s personality, understand his/her best learning methods, and try to plan learning sessions that best benefit the student. If you find a school where this analysis is mandatory, then you’ve found the best international school for your child.

  • Building social awareness:

Education is not just math and science and scoring marks. Education is about building the future citizens of the country. So, it is important that the students are exposed to community programs that help create social awareness.

  • Sports and extra-curricular activities:

From the perspective of the child’s physical and emotional health, it is important for them to regularly play some sport. Plus, activities like theater, dance, music, arts and crafts will help nurture their creativity. Check if the schools offer these extra-curricular activities.

  • Teaching Methodology:

Before you admit your child in a school, you need to enquire about the teaching methodology. The approach they take towards education will help determine the results you will see in your child.