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About us

A protected space to grow and develop, to unfold and explore, a foothold to grip and fly…Chrysalis is a journey for the nascent. Charles Darwin explains it as the “proper place on which to become attached and undergo the final metamorphosis.”

In this golden age of childhood, children need a protected place which shelters the vulnerable and allows them the space and the freedom to transform themselves to their full glory. Children are innocent beings, to be treated with utmost care and responsibility till the time they are strong enough to soar.

At Chrysalis High, this is exactly what we help the children do. Soar!


To help our children excel by understanding them, guiding them on the right path & strengthening their self belief.

Achieving our vision

We help our children soar in the real world by defining & implementing a set of clearly defined objectives for ourselves, which are:

  • Make learning more interesting
  • Always be passionate about education
  • Show the children the right path through experiences
  • Make learning a two-way process
  • Make subjects more interesting to learn
  • Make a difference by channelizing children’s energy in the right direction
  • Inculcate the value system in our children
  • Help the children understand themselves
  • Help the children cope with failures as well as successes
  • Teach by being role models ourselves
  • Inculcate responsibility in our children through direct action
  • Provide each of our children with equal opportunity and attention
  • Partner with parents to:
  • (a) Understand the child
  • (b) Counsel them on getting involved with their children
  • Ensure all our children are healthy and active


  • Sawal Das Jethani
    Founder and Managing Trustee
Sawal came into education as education seemed a place with unlimited potential to make a difference. Before starting Chrysalis High, he was the joint promoter of a well known chain of schools from 2005 to 2010. In the past, Sawal has collaborated with the ICDS (Integrated Child Development Scheme), UNICEF and the World Bank in District, State and National Planning of Early Childhood Education. Sawal is an MBA in Marketing from Pune University & at Chrysalis, heads all functions of the school.


  • Radha Baruah
    Associate Director - Primary & Secondary
Radha has an experience of almost a decade in the field of education and curriculum development. A Post Graduate from the Delhi School of Economics and with a Bachelor’s degree in Education, she moved into education after a fruitful 16-year career in the corporate sector, across various leading media companies. She began her career in education as a facilitator of activity based thematic-teaching and also as an educator of Economics & English at a top rated ICSE/ISC school in Guwahati and grew to be the Principal of the same school. She headed the school for five years, before moving to Bangalore. Radha heads the Primary & Secondary curriculum at Chrysalis, as Associate Academic Director. The challenges and the sense of fulfillment in reaching out to children continue to encourage and strengthen her resolve to dedicate herself to quality education. 

  • Archana Srivastava
    Chrysalis High, Marathahalli Sarjapur Road
With over 24 years of experience in various ICSE and CBSE schools as a teacher, house in-charge, Vice Principal & Principal, Archana brings with her dynamism rarely found in schools. She has been the guiding force behind Chrysalis High. Her passion goes beyond academics, into developing the overall personality of children through outdoor programs, life skills training & sports. She has been a Principal for the last 8 years at various schools. She has been the principal of Chrysalis High, Marathahalli Sarjapur Road since May 2011.Archana has done her Bachelor in Education & has also done her Masters in English Literature. She has received various awards & appreciation in the field, including “Best teacher” award from Rotary Midtown, Bangalore.

  • Indrani Singh
    Associate Academic Director - Pre Primary
Indrani has been working with Pre Primary children for over a decade now. She bid adieu to her corporate career to be part of the learning process of Pre Primary children. Some may call it her calling; others may call it part of her genes. Indrani joined Chrysalis as the head of Chrysalis Kids, Whitefield, in 2013. Soon, there was a Chrysalis Kids, AECS Layout & that was just a start. Within a period of over four years with Chrysalis, Indrani has become a flag bearer of Chrysalis vision, especially the PUPA (Prior Understanding) & ISP (Individual Support Program). Indrani brought in the idea of Pre CHAMPS to all Chrysalis schools. Known for her ideation & focus on quality, Indrani leaves no stone unturned to ensure children have a wonderful learning experience at Chrysalis. She was also winner of the Chrysalis Leadership Award for 2016-17.  Looking at her passion in the area of Pre Primary education, Indrani was given additional responsibility of implementing the Chrysalis curriculum & vision across all Chrysalis schools, as an Associate Academic Director – Pre Primary with effect from October 2017.

  • Ms.Sukanya Maity
    Principal, Chrysalis High, Marathahalli Sarjapur Road
Sukanya hails from Kolkata, West Bengal & was born into a family of educationists and litterateurs. She is a Post Graduate from Calcutta University & has commingled experience of over 19 years as a teacher of English, a lecturer, an H.O.D, Senior Coordinator & Vice Principal.Teaching English, and especially, poetry, has been her love ever since she stepped into the domain of education. Her inspirations in life have been the likes of Mother Teresa and Maya Angelou.These words from Maya Angelou-” My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humour, and some style.” have determined her path of life!

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  • Lalita Ganapathy
    Principal, Chrysalis High, Whitefield Kadugodi Road
Ms. Lalita Ganapathy has been in the field of education for the last eighteen years.  A Bachelor in Education with a Post Graduate Degree in Industrial Psychology, she began her career as a Kindergarten teacher and moved up the ladder to fulfil her desire till she became a Principal.  Apart from being a teacher, she was also a counsellor with FCC, KSWB, a lecturer and a special educator. She has headed another school in Bangalore for four years before taking over as Principal of Chrysalis High, Kadugodi. During her past tenure, the school won many awards - best school among top 20 schools in Bangalore and the best School in K.R.Puram.  As an educator, her aim is to continue to learn, share the learning and bring out the best in students & teachers.

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  • Renuka B Nallamar
    Principal, Chrysalis High, Horamavu
An educationist for the past 20 years, Renuka was associated with the setting up of CBSE schools in Mumbai. She headed New Horizon Public School, Navi Mumbai for 8 years as the Principal. Her infectious optimism, perseverance & ability to multitask enabled the school reach its pinnacle. The smooth & efficient conduction of AIEEE (now known as JEE) for four consecutive years is a testimony of her administrative skills. She firmly believes that each child is gifted with an innate talent and it is the responsibility of the teacher to identify & nurture the talent towards excellence.With a Post graduation degree in Chemistry, she also holds a degree in education. Renuka has been awarded “Best Teacher” award by the Rotary Club, Navi Mumbai. Besides academics, she is also passionate about music & dance.

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  • Radhika Lobo
    Senior Principal, Chrysalis High, Yelahanka New Town
Radhika has been an effective Principal of successful schools with experience that spans two decades in the field of education.Her educational qualification includes an MPhil, BEd, PGCTE (CIEFL).  A recipient of an All India Gold Medal in Public Relations, she is capable of dealing with various situations with confidence and composure. She has a passion for helping children in need of special education, thereby endorsing Malala Yousafzai's idea- " one book, one pen, one child and one teacher can change the world." She firmly believes in "filling the unforgiving minute with sixty seconds of distance run."

  • Vijaya Iyer
    Principal, Chrysalis High, Yelahanka New Town
Ms Vijaya Iyer has been in the field of education for the past 24 years. She began her journey as a kindergarten teacher and worked her way up to become a school leader. She has experience as a Principal working in both ICSE and CBSE schools. She is a post graduate in Psychology and has completed her M.Ed. She is a self motivated person with zeal to inspire teachers and students. She trusts that every child is unique and has a potential to shine. All that a teacher needs to do is to identify the child’s strength, sharpen the skills and facilitate the required knowledge. She believes what students learn at school environment and from teachers, has a long-lasting impact in their lives. In future, she intends to contribute her knowledge and experience to uplift the educational requirements of the society.

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Affiliation & Recognition
(Indian Certified of Secondary Education)
(Central Board of Secondary Education)
Chrysalis High, Marathahalli - Sarjapur Road (Varthur) is now ISA accredited
Chrysalis High, Kadugodi is now ISA accredited.